Snapping Gains and Wrong Names (special guest ALEC HOHNADELL) – Episode 02

MAXIMUM Driftcast: Snapping gains and wrong names with special guest Alec Hohnadell



Welcome to our second and improved episode. Now we got a tablecloth so you can’t see if we are wearing pants or not (or pijamas in Sam’s case), we added pop filters to the microphones so our voices can glide trough your ears like a virgin swan. We also got a totally unexpected call from Alec Honlld… Handlhon…. Hooaanhda…… HoneyDewDew.


Watch the Video version here:



Maximum Driftcast is hosted by:

Corey Hosford – Pro Drifter and mustache afficionado

Sam Nalven – Aka Drift Idiot

Paco Ibarra – Drifts a dumb minivan



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  1. A dog box is how the gears engage eachother “dog engagement”. Being straight cut doesn’t make it a dog box.
    Tou have to shift it hard because of that there are no longer any syncros because of the dog engagement. And using the. Clutch is still recommended.

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