215 lbs of Spaghetti (special guest KEN GUSHI) – Episode 03

MAXIMUM Driftcast: 215lbs of Spaghetti with special guest Ken Gushi


On this episode Corey discovers the dangers of owning a Volkswagen Beetle, we read some comments from the fans, and we even get an unplanned call from the chiseled abs of Formula Drift, Ken Gushi, who gives us the inside scoop about the death of Scion and his 2016 season.



Bonus abs for our audience…. because we love you!

Watch the Video version here:



Maximum Driftcast is hosted by:

Corey Hosford – Pro Drifter and mustache afficionado

Sam Nalven – Aka Drift Idiot

Paco Ibarra – Drifts a dumb minivan


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