Hate/Swan Spaghetti Challenge

Hate/Swan Spaghetti Challenge with special guests Andy Hateley and Nick Swann



On this episode we talk to Andy and Gonzo, the dynamic duo of the BMW drifting scene. We also get a call from Nick Swann, the most majestic bird from the drifting event organizing world, and when we were ready to end the show, our very own Chris “The Facts” Forsberg calls us to tell us how much we suck at auto journalism…. BTW, did we mentioned that Corey finally became a full bowl of spaghetti??

Here’s Andy and his team manager Gonzo

Here you can contemplate The Swann at his maximum glory!!!




Watch the Video version here:



Maximum Driftcast is hosted by:

Corey Hosford – A bowl of spaghetti

Sam Nalven – The John Snow of auto journalism

Paco Ibarra – Trump’s vice president choice

Chris Forsberg – The Facts


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