Everybody Chill the F%*# out! (Special Emergency Episode)

Everybody Chill the F%*# out! with special guests Tyler McQuarrie, Brian Eggert and Chris Forsberg



Let’s say it again… Chill the fuck out!!! On today’s episode we focus on the controversial battle that happened over the weekend (not the Battle of the Bastards from Game of Thrones).
Formula Drift New Jersey was awesome! But one single battle made the entire drift community go Nuts after Forrest Wang v. Chris Forsberg’s battle and made everybody sour about the entire round. So we decided to bring Tyler McQuarrie to give us his opinion about his run against Wang, then we spoke to Brian Eggert to get the judges’s side of the story and finally, we spoke to Chris Forsberg since he was blamed for the outcome. We really ask you guys to listen to this episode with an open mind, we all could learn a thing or two about how the series is being judged so we all can enjoy the next 4 rounds and the seasons to come without being fed by the trolls.

Thanks for listening and enjoy the best motorsport on the planet!


Tyler “The Dwayne Johnson” McQuarrie

Brian Eggert plotting  who’s going to be the next winner with Team Rowdy and J-Rod DeManda.

Chris Forsberg is known for using knives to threat his competitors into throwing the towel.




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