Matt Feels

Matt Feels with special guest Matt Field.


In this episode Paco crashes a Jaguar or something, we talk cylinders, and Matt Field gets real.


Watch the Video version here:



Maximum Driftcast is hosted by:

Corey Hosford – Pro Drifter and mustache afficionado

Sam Nalven – Aka Drift Idiot

Paco Ibarra – Drifts a dumb minivan


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  1. When you have a knowledgable guest that has good knowledge of suspension setups. Let’s talk settings. When do you change this setting for that surface or track. I myself would love to hear how to set my car up better and I am sure others could use the same info. Thanks for the show. Even though it seems like there are some gay jokes. No homo.

    • Im glad to hear you like the Gay jokes, we will make more gay jokes from now on!! 🙂

      We will have a suspension master on the show soon.

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