The Swedish Screwdriver

The Swedish Screwdriver with special guest Fredric Aasbo


In this episode we talk to Freddie A. about that time he lost his license while speeding in a toaster box, we all make a rap, and then we also sing songs from Frozen. We pretty much just sing the whole time.





Watch the Video version here:



Maximum Driftcast is hosted by:

Corey Hosford – Pro Drifter and mustache aficionado

Sam Nalven – Aka Drift Idiot

Paco Ibarra – Drifts a dumb minivan


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  1. Makeshift drifty extraordinares

    First of keep things rad, listening at work, laughing at stupid shut is fun.

    My question/ comment is drift tracks and their layout. What is the “best” track for FD? Seems like D1 focuses around 1entry and then consistency around the rest of the track. FD seems to focus of inner and outer clips. This makes “gangster” entry’s or throwing style looked down apon like mentioned with Asbo.
    More talking around this topic would be good.
    My favorite is Seattle and not only because I live 7mins away but I think the track is very technical. High speed into a tight tech area is a good combination. (BTW Mad Mike killed the track with Forest)

    Thanks and keep it bearded bitches (hopefully you got my package) no homo

    • Paco: Personally I love Atlanta because is starts so fast and it is quite a historic track. But they all have they special parts. I think D1 and FD will always be very different and they cater different styles of drifting. Will try to address this on the next episode! 🙂

  2. I heard a rumor that Ryan sage was going to be filling in for his dad on the Smashing pumpkins reunion tour??? (Do to medical reasons)

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