Desert Meihan is Desert Mayhem

EPISODE 85 – MAXIMUM Driftcast: Desert Meihan with Fred Lump, George Marstanovic and Chris Soehren

Today we have a very special show with the people who put together Desert Meihan. They call themselves The Track Society and they did an awesome job at putting one of the most amazing grassroot drifting events! Formula Drift veteran George “The Lumberjack” Marstanovic and Chris Soehren, local pro-am and grassroots drifter together with Josh Ruiz had a vision about drift events made by drifters for drifters, so they rented Bondurant Racing School’s skid pad and made a 1:1 replica of Meihan Sportsland in Japan, and then invited a bunch of awesome drivers like Forrest Wang, Trenton Beechum, Caleb Quanbeck and our next guest Fred Lump Lump, who is known for his involvement with Low Style Heroes and his super sweet 4 door 2JZ powered Infiniti Q45 and also his overall nice and positive attitude.

This made Desert Meihan an incredible event full of non stop drifting, insane entries, crazy wall rides and a lot of fiberglass and sheet metal contact into the concrete rails. So check this one out if you want to know more about this individuals.



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Photo by Voodoo13Bushido

Bonus Footage:


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