Maximum Driftcast Key Chain

Maximum Driftcast Key Chain

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Maximum Driftcast Keychain – Is the only Keychain that lets your friends know that you might drift. In fact if you do end up buying a Maximum Driftcast Keychain, it might actually help you drift even better! No… It.. Probably wont… But its worth a try!



The Maximum Driftcast keychain is the best way to show your peasant coworkers that you in fact Drift!!!

Simply attach to your sideways sled’s key (if you still require one) and earn extra style points on your next competition.

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Weight 1 oz

2 reviews for Maximum Driftcast Key Chain

  1. Alika80

    Purchased one of these at Desert Meihan. I don’t drift, but I totally look like I do with this keychain!

    • admin (verified owner)

      Get ready to be showered in sponsorship deals!!

  2. Lance

    I put this on my keys. i lost them instantly as they burst into flames. but i used the flames to cook my spaghetti. so i got that going for me.

    • admin (verified owner)

      Your keys are now in Drift Valhalla!

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