Paco Ibarra

Paco is one of the Maximum Driftcast hosts. Industrial Designer and avid "weird car" collector who knows way too many useless facts about cars that nobody cares for. Known for his Tofu Drift Minivan and other unusual drift builds. Co-owner and designer at 2F Performance, who manufactures the Super Doof kits designed with Forrest Wang's Get Nuts Lab input. He speaks in 85% English and 15% Nonsense and is a proud owner of a large collection of hentai VHS tapes.

February 6, 2018

The First Car Drifting in Space!

It finally happened! If you have been watching the internet today, you probably saw SpaceX’s latest Falcon Heavy rocket launch from Florida which was a big success! The most interesting part of this launch was the fact that the Falcon’s payload ... Read More »

February 06, 2018 0

D1 China apparently cancelled by Chinese authorities

According to Matt Field and Baggsy’s instagram stories, D1 China has been “raided” by Chinese Police and everybody was removed from the premises. This story is still developing and will inform as soon as we get an update! Go to Matt ... Read More »

January 27, 2018 0