The First Car Drifting in Space!

It finally happened!

If you have been watching the internet today, you probably saw SpaceX’s latest Falcon Heavy rocket launch from Florida which was a big success!
The most interesting part of this launch was the fact that the Falcon’s payload was a Tesla Roadster with a David Bowie CD playing Space Oddity… which kinda sounds like a joke, but it wasn’t a joke at all! SpaceX’s founder Elon Musk was set to have the first car orbiting the earth and he used this “launch test” to put his electric car in orbit.

Fast Forward to 29:43 to watch the rocket launch and the Tesla Roadster’s deploy into orbit.

The best part is that there are a bunch of webcams broadcasting a livestream from the “space car” which is being piloted by a dummy astronaut named “Starman” who seems to be enjoying the ride at 26,600 km/hr (or 16,528.4 miles per hour) around the earth, making this the fastest car in history!!

What makes this even better is that the car is literally Drifting in Space, spinning sideways while it orbits our planet, so this would be the fastest speed a car has ever drifted! We are for sure proud that the scientists and engineers at SpaceX and Tesla chose Drifting as the official Motorsport to represent Earth. (I imagine that turning left constantly would have made it logistically complicated if they had chosen NASCAR instead).

It seems like the Starman is listening to our latest episode in his Roadster

Big thanks for our buddy Larry Chen who managed to grab some action photos of the Tesla Roadster in space… somehow he is always at the right spot.

Check out the Starman’s livestream right here.

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