D1 China apparently cancelled by Chinese authorities

According to Matt Field and Baggsy’s instagram stories, D1 China has been “raided” by Chinese Police and everybody was removed from the premises.

This story is still developing and will inform as soon as we get an update!

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Here’s the info we have so far from Matt Field:

(Read with Matt Field’s voice for a better experience)

Apparently, a military burial site is above the track, and they are having a ceremony. They flipped when they heard the noise.
Also, the people that live in the town like a half mile away went on strike, so the government sent police and shut the event down for today, which was supposed to be pre qualifying.
Currently, it’s uncertain if it’s going to even happen tomorrow.
Basically, it appears the track owner
didn’t finalize the necessary approval permits and might have not been entirely truthful with D1 about it. D1 thought it was all good, but obviously things were not.”


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