No, Formula Drift is not being sold to Nascar.

Today we woke up to the rumor that Formula Drift is selling the series to Nascar. This rumor was followed by the usual comments: some people in favor of the merge, some people hating the idea, and others just expressing their hatred towards either or both series, etc.

The question is: “Is Formula Drift really being sold to Nascar?” I contacted Formula Drift’s co-founder Ryan Sage to ask for some clarification and he was as surprised as all of us were about the rumor.

In his own words: –“Neither Jim Liaw or myself have had any discussions with Nascar about selling, or any discussions with Nascar at all”.

I personally think that a merger, or even some of Nascar’s influence, would be a good idea for Formula Drift by bringing more media attention to the series. That would mean more sponsor interests; which means more coverage for the drivers, which is what many have complained FD is lacking. Hypothetical mergers aside, this puts away the theory that Formula Drift is dying or disappearing…. And I guess this sends the rumor back into the conspiracy theory bin.

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  1. Although I’m no fan of nascar I do believe it’s a good and you covered my thoughts about it bringing more media and sponsorship! It may be a good idea who knows maybe live FD events on tv instead of it being broadcasted weeks later!

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