Protein Style and Hughes Gains

Protein Style and Hughes Gains with special guests Blake Olsen and Dylan Hughes


On today’s episode we have two ProAm drivers who are moving up to Pro 2, each one of them comes from a different school of drifting, yet both have a very similar approach on hot to attack the Formula Drift Pro 2 series… Being Professional!!! This drivers are Blake Olsen who just won Southwest Drift Pro Am Phoenix and finished overall 2nd, and Dylan Hughes who got 1st place of the series at US Drift Pro Am, East Coast vs West Coast!

Blake is a member of the drift team Animal Style, who just hosted Super D Matsuri the day after Formula Drift Irwindale, so we asked him to give us his thoughts on the whole “Pro vs Grassroots” climate that we have been experiencing recently on social media and also give us some remarks from Super D since we couldn’t make it due to Paco getting sick (thanks Paco).
Dylan has been working with Chris Forsberg’s racing team and MA Motorsports for quite a while already, but at only 24 this guy seems to pack a lot of experience not only in the pits but also in the driver’s seat and we are excited to see where is his drifting career going to take him.

Overall, we are super excited for this two dudes who will be bringing some fresh driving to the series and can’t wait to see them next season at Pro 2



Photo by Excessive Wear


Blake Olsen and Forrest Wang at Super D Matsuri


Dylan Hughes and Chris Forsberg at Club Loose

Photo by Alex Chujko Photography



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