Everybody Loves Kugayman

Everybody Loves Kugayman with special guest Faruk Kugay


Today we talk to a man whose name hasn’t really shined in Formula Drift, yet everybody has heard of him, maybe not for good reasons initially but you can tell that the good things are starting to come up. The name is Faruk! The last name doesn’t matter (but it’s Kugay) and he is probably one of the nicest and most down to earth guys we had as guests.

Not only does he know how to take criticism in a good way but he also doesn’t come up with excuses for his performance and while this year hasn’t been his best so far, he is still in the lead for the Rookie of the Year title (even if he is just leading by one point).

It’s good to hear from somebody who is still fresh into the world of professional drifting and hear about what they have gone through to make it to this level, and we are sure that a lot of the haters will change their minds about him after listening tho this episode.



Photo by David Karey


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Photo by Larry Chen



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