Rise from the Coffman

Rise from the Coffman with special guest Matt Coffman



On today’s episode we talk to the man who came swinging like a beast at Formula Drift Seattle, Matt Coffman! He told us what changed this season to make him one of the most promising upcoming drivers and he spilled the beans on the most secret details about the Driver’s Summit, and he gave us his best Vaughn impersonation.




Watch the Video version here:




Maximum Driftcast is hosted by:

Corey Hosford – Likes having more leg room

Sam Nalven – Missing in Action

Paco Ibarra – Loves not being interrupted by Sam


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  1. i love how you cant hear shit matt is saying..oh and its a better show without sam! oh sam do me a favor? what rpm was Vaughn turning at Seattle comming off the bank because that pony sounded kike it was screaming

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